Well made videos demand well-thought plan, well-written script, cinematography, editing and what not? Swopna Digital helps you smoothen the pipeline of making a video.

Video Content Is The Future


Our Work Process




Every video project starts with a script. The trigger is of course, an idea. Whether it be a feature film or a simple explainer video, every projects starts with a written SCRIPT.

Video Editing Training in Nepal



Storyboarding is an exceptional method to visualize the video before we make it. As we take the project scene-by-scene and shot-by-shot, production process smoothens.



Production is the major part of the process – it comes either in the form of shooting or CGI creation. Whichever the way, we always maintain quality of the production.

Videography training in Nepal
Graphic Designing Training In Nepal



Editing is where video comes to life. Mixing is one thing, while mixing every ingredient in a coherent manner where everything looks perfect is a different game.

Meet Our Team


Rajit Chaulagain CEO @ Swopna Digital
Rajit Chaulagain, CEO @ Swopna Digital, a Liverpool FC supporter, passionate about Film-Making and Animation. People call him humorous - try it for yourself.
Ashish Katuwal, Swopna Digital
Ashish Katuwal Co-founder @ Swopna Digital
Ashish Katuwal, works mostly on ideation and innovation, passionate about future of learning, startups and human progress
Shikhar Adhikari Animation Head @ Swopna Digital
Shikhar Adhikari, widely known as 'Swopneel' has a breathtaking artistic appetite and incredible creative eye.
Bijen Neupane Content Lead @ Swopna Digital
Bijen Neupane, a really smart guy and an incredible copywriter is more handsome than he looks on his photos.
Tribesh Kayastha Lead Designer @ Swopna Digital
Tribesh Kayastha, is a design sensitive person, who has the hunger to design the world as he imagines in his head.
Asheem Ksheetri Animation Artist @ Swopna Digital
Asheem Ksheetri, highly game lover is much passionate about animation, movies and games.
Pratik Khanal Marketing Head @ Swopna Digital
Pratik Khanal is an ambitious guy, who also has his own agriculture business and has an entrepreneurial spirit.
Ravi Timsina Project Manager @ Swopna Digital
Ravi Timsina, logical guy who researches a lot and passionate about how world works. He is an investor, who has a dream of learning astrophysics after he retires.
Shisham Bhattarai Social Media Manager @ Swopna Digital
Shisham Bhattarai, a creative thinker always generates ideas out of the box and she is really good at managing things.

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Why Invest In Video Content?


Increases Engagement

No doubt that video increases engagement, mostly due to the fact that videos help ingnite more senses from the viewers taking their brain to state which would otherwise not be possible.

Rise Of Video Content

Video Content are on the rise on every social media platform. People prefer video to any other form of content (especially animated explainer videos when it comes to businesses).

Multimedia Nature of Video

An image is worth thousand 1000 words. One second video is worth 24 images because video is simply playing 24 images continousely within a second – we do not just see video, we hear it as well.

By the end of 2020, almost 80% of the content consumed on the internet will be video. When you upload a video, there’s an 80% chance that people will remember about your brand.

Our Clients and Partners


“We are happy and proud about sharing our projects with Swopna Digital. We are more than happy and recommend them to those looking for Digital Marketing related services.”

When it comes to digital marketing, Swopna Digital has proven in a short course of time. They’ve worked with various startup companies like mine, enabling us to achieve good feats. I’m very excited about future collaborations.

I am more inspired and envisioned to move forward with my project – Muskan University through Swopna Digital’s team. They do not sell, they envision, educate and dream in action.


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