3D Animation in Nepal (Pipeline) – Pre to Post Production

There are 3 dimensions in real life.

That’s the reason 3D animation is powerful to express something in a realistic manner.2D animations are great as well.

For example, motion graphics videos in 2D.

That being said, 3D animation, I think would communicate well with for certain purpose – as we see everyday world in 3 dimensions.

3D Project Pipeline

What’s pipeline?A pipeline is just a fancy way of saying how the whole animation project is managed.

1. Pre – Production

Idea / Story / ScriptStoryboardAnimaticDesign

2. Production

The production team has to do many tasks.Every project is different. And, hence 3D production pipeline differs between various projects.For example, sometimes we may not need a VFX artist or sometimes, it may be a vital role.Here are few important aspects of production stage:

3D Modelling

Anything can be modeled.

Everything you see in a 3D animated movie is modeled, textured and then sent to the animator.

Whether it be a prop in the background or the character itself, the first step before the animation is to model the object.Modeling is creating a 3D model.It’s almost like creating something in real life. Nevertheless, we can scale the objects as well. Like, making it big or small according to the project needs.To animate something, we need that thing.That’s 3D modeling.A 3D representation of an object.

The most popular way of creating a 3D model is Polygonal modeling.Modeling artists start with a simple polygonal shape (for example – cube) and tweak, transform and refine them until the final shape is achieved.


Texturing is coloring and finalizing the 3D Model.Once you have a shape of 3D model ready and shaded, it’s time for texturing.

Rigging / Set- up Artist

Rigging brings animation in action.Without rigging, there’s no animation.Rigging is like setting the rules for animation. For example:If you have a human-like character which needs to be animated, then you need to first prepare which part moves and which does not.There are certain things our hand cannot do. Let’s say move backward.These are all done using rigging.


3. Post – Production

Compositing2D VFXMotion GraphicsColor Correction

3D Animation Software

One particular fact to remember is that:

Tools are just tools.

As Steve Jobs puts it, human beings are innate tool builders.Human beings always build tools that help make their task efficient.Hence, the softwares keep changing.New softwares keep rolling or different versions come out.However, there are few industry standard softwares that help us dramatically reduce the time it would take otherwise to create a 3D animation:Autodesk MayaBlenderCinema 4D3Ds MaxZBrush (for Sculpting)