7 Layers of Existence

Imagine that you are in a room filled with the people where you are reading a book. Well, what’s the proof that you exist? Most of you might think that it’s because of your physical body, right?

And, indeed, you are true.

However, that’s just the first level of how the other person feels your presence. There are other layers – hidden layers through which people notice or let’s say feel your existence.

Here are those 7 layers of existence:

  • Physical Body
  • Breath
  • Mind
  • Intellect
  • Memory
  • Ego
  • Spirit

First layer is simple – the physical body. Whenever I move my body or she speaks to you or he shakes his hand, you notice them, don’t you? All this is because of the physical presence of the body. This level of existence where we spend most of our time.

Second is Breath. Breath is the thread that connects our mind with the body. Let’s take an analogy – if our mind is like the kite and the body is the spinner, then the thread that links both of them is the breath.

Third is the Mind. Without mind, there’s no existence, at least there’s no existence for us. Because it’s the mind which creates the experience in our life. It’s the mind which brings us the visualizations of the past and drags us towards future aspirations. In fact, the mind is the existence for most of us.

Fourth is the Intellect.

Fifth is the Memory.

Sixth is the Ego.

Seventh is the Spirit. Spirit is the highest form of vibration. Spirit is me, in a true sense. SPIRIT is the eternal form of energy which has chosen to reside in this particular body for a certain period of time. It’s the highest layer of existence.