2D Animation & Video Production in Nepal

Swopna Digital Team

2D Animation

2D Animation (or call it motion graphics) is the graphics in motion. When 2D graphics moves, it’s an interesting way to put your story forward. Animations hook people into watching the complete without them getting bored or clicking the back button, which in turn increases engagement and watch time of the video.

2D Animation Training in Nepal
Videography training in Nepal

Videography & Video Editing

Any video project should start with a well written script, which goes for storyboarding. Only then the video shoot starts – in this way, you ensure the quality of the video. As the saying goes, shoot for the edit, we completely follow this. The final video comes after edit and we visualize it before the shoot starts.



Rajit Chaulagain CEO @ Swopna Digital
Rajit Chaulagain, CEO @ Swopna Digital, a Liverpool FC supporter, passionate about Film-Making and Animation. People call him humorous - try it for yourself.
Ashish Katuwal Finance Head @ Swopna Digital
Ashish Katuwal, works mostly on ideation and innovation, passionate about future of learning, startups and human progress
Shikhar Adhikari Animation Head @ Swopna Digital
Shikhar Adhikari, widely known as 'Swopneel' has a breathtaking artistic appetite and incredible creative eye.
Bijen Neupane Content Lead @ Swopna Digital
Bijen Neupane, a really smart guy and an incredible copywriter is more handsome than he looks on his photos.
Tribesh Kayastha Lead Designer @ Swopna Digital
Tribesh Kayastha, is a design sensitive person, who has the hunger to design the world as he imagines in his head.
Asheem Ksheetri Animation Artist @ Swopna Digital
Asheem Ksheetri, highly game lover is much passionate about animation, movies and games.