5+ Benefits of Digital Marketing Over Traditional One

In the digital world, marketing has changed a lot because of digital media.

Quite a few decades ago, channels used to be in the last priority of a marketing strategy. Today, every marketing strategies are made with the channel in mind.

The landscape of marketing is changing faster than ever.

Of course, still, a lot of business use traditional channels such as TVs, radios or newspapers to reach their target audience. But, companies have started to realize the benefits that digital marketing brings to their business.

Here are some of the benefits that digital marketing has over traditional one:

1. Targeting

Digital media marketing is a data-driven marketing.

Data-driven means that we now know a wide array of details about the customers of any businesses.

Hence, targeting has been really powerful and useful through digital media.

Whether you run ads through social media or get traffic through SEO, people who come to visit your website are targeted ones. So, it’s not necessary to bore people with ads that they’ll never be interested in.

3 major areas of targeting:

  • Demographics
  • Geographics (location)
  • User Behavior

Whenever you do a search or look for something in social media, technology companies have data about you stored in their database.

This, in turn, helps them understand you better and eventually helps marketers conduct campaigns with precise targeting.

Let’s say you are a sports shop based in Kathmandu who sells football kits for men. Here’s what your ideal customers may look like:

Age Group18–29GenderMaleLocationKathmanduInterestsFootball, Soccer, UEFA Champions leagueBehaviorSearches “football kits” in the search engine.

Thanks to digital tools, we can target based on every one of the above criteria. Digital media helps any business reach their objective of being at the right time in front of the right people.

2. Measurable

You run a commercial ad campaign on television. How would you know if it’s actually bringing you business?

That’s possible in digital media.

Everything about the online channel is measurable. Whatever you want to know about your marketing efforts — every mouse movements can be tracked.

How many people visited your site’s landing page and did not complete the form?


Which channels drive the most traffic to your website — search or social media?

Analytics tool has answers to all these questions.

Tools like Google Analytics have made it easier than ever to track the user activities. After it is installed on your website, this tool tracks every page that users visit on your website.

Whether they bounce back from your website or remain for a certain time, every movement is tracked and collected in the form of reports.

3. International Audience

Almost 2 billions of people are connected through the internet as of today.

The internet has a huge audience.

Whether you are a small business based in a developing country or a multinational corporation — does not matter. Every company has that power to reach the global audience.

Let’s say you write a blog post on your website.

Anyone who has the link to your website can see your blog post.

This is a big advantage over traditional, in my opinion. Because in order to get in front of the global audience was not an easy task. Today, it’s not that difficult.

Of course, you might need to pay to reach more audience, which then again is cost-effective (next point)

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4. Cost-Effective

As of 2018, digital media is the most cost-effective channel to leverage for marketing.

Any marketing campaigns using digital media tend to be cost-effective than the traditional campaigns.

Effective — does not mean less cost.

Yes. It’s true that advertisements on social media or search engines are relatively low cost compared to TVs or magazines. However, cost-effective here means you get more effective results for the same amount of money invested in both digital and traditional.

The next edge that digital marketing has over the traditional one is that you only pay for the results that you want to get in.

Let’s say you want 10,000 people to visit your website.

You only pay what it takes to bring those 10,000 visitors to your website. (exact amount differs based on keywords and audience types)

Here are a few other reasons why you should invest in digital marketing:

5. Consumers research online
6. Social Media drives engagement
7. Mobile on-the-go 
8. Refine strategy as you go 
9. Research the competitors
10. Targeted Traffic
11. Higher ROI
12. Real-Time Performance
13. Growth hacking 
14. Retargeting
15. Automation in Marketing

16. Personalization

Now, it’s your turn!

Let us and our readers know what do you think of digital marketing and how does it benefit a brand in today’s world.

Do you still think that traditional channels are worth it?

Let us know through the comment section below