VFX (Visual Effects) in Nepal -A Quick Beginner’s Guide

VFX is exciting, right?

Yes. Indeed. It is.

VFX is important today more than anytime before.VFX is applied today in film industries almost all over the world. People love to see something that they can’t see off the camera.

All movies have to be dramatic. And, visual effects help a lot in these scenarios. Before we dive into different aspects of VFX, let’s take a moment to get back to the basics.

What is VFX?

VFX is about manipulating the scenes outside the context of a live action shot.Let’s make it simple.

Often times, there are situations when we cannot shoot something in live action.For example, the city destruction.We can’t destroy the city for 1 movie.That’s the reason the imagery for this kind of situation is manipulated or even created through softwares in post-production.Most people confuse visual effects with special effects.Special effects are visual effects that take place in live action. As some would imagine – for example – set explosions.However, VFX can be much broad.In fact, most of the works from Visual effects would go unnoticed.

Aspects of Visual Effects

Here are few important aspects of visual effects:


It is quite simple.The composition is bringing images and footages from various sources to organize them into one scene.This creates an illusion to the viewers that everything belongs to one scene.Often we see the backgrounds removed and replaced with a new one.These are typically scenes shot with “Green Screen” background and replaced with a new appealing background.

Motion Capture / Tracking

It’s a process of recording the object’s motion – as the name suggests.Objects might sometimes be people.VFX artists replicate and apply the camera movement from the shot to the elements that were not there in the shot.They track points in the footage using tracking points.If a scene is composited well and tracked well, you should not be able to say that it’s fake.


When you manually cut out something frame by frame.Rotoscoping is an act of tracing an object in film or video to be able to add or remove that object.Remember the first time you used Photoshop.You probably cut yourself into a different layer and changed the background or something.Rotoscoping is the same.It’s almost the same technique, however in the video.


As mentioned in the composition section, it’s using green screens or blue screens in the background.You need to use colors that are not there in the composition.Basically, you want keying to remove or replace something in the background.You want to see everything but that color.Green Screen keying is one of the favorites among filmmakers.

Matte Painting

Matte Paintings have been there for a very long time.Simply, it is a painted representation of a landscape or anything used to create an environment that’s not there in live action.

Visual Effects (VFX) Software

I have always believed:

Tools are just tools.

As Steve Jobs put it, human beings are innate tool builders.

However, there are some softwares which fasten the process and make the work system efficient. Here is a list of few softwares used by VFX professionals:

Nuke X / Nuke Studio

Adobe After Effects

Cinema 4DAutodesk


Learn more at our blog – https://swopnadigital.com/

Practice of ATL and BTL Marketing in Nepal

Have you come across the words “ATL” and “BTL” in your marketing career?

Maybe you have been confused as well. No worries. In this post, I will try to describe everything you need to know about ATL and BTL.

As far as promotional activities are concerned, there is a fine line that divides these into 2 categories. Every campaign falls under either of these categories or TTL (Through the Line).

More on TTL later.

First, let’s discuss each of ATL and BTL separately.

What is ATL? (Above the Line)

Mass media comes under ATL. These are more traditional in nature. All the Ads that we see on Television, radio, cinema halls falls into this category.

These are mostly for branding purpose. Every company which wants to communicate their “message” with the mass use this method.

If I have a product named “XYZ” and want to communicate about it to a larger number of audience, I use ATL promotional strategies. Whether I could advertise about “XYZ” on magazines, run TV ads or run online display advertisement.

This way I can reach the mass. Here I have used ATL promotion. Although these ads do not generate more sales in short-term (in cash flow), they create a brand about the company or the product. And, since branding is somehow related to sales, it helps the company more than anything.

Name any products that you use in your daily life – computer, shoes, perfume, or anything. You don’t just buy any products, you buy the products manufactured from the brand you prefer.


Practice of ATL and BTL in Nepal

What is BTL? (Below the Line)

BTL communication also known as nonmedia communication is more unconventional in nature. These are done at a micro level.

Some of the BTL strategies include direct mailing (or E-mail), sponsorships, public relations (PR), Point of sale, event promotion and so on.

Since BTL does not involve mass, these tend to be more sales focused. As opposed to ATL, in BTL communication I am able to personalize the message to my audience.

Let’s say I run a TV Advertisement campaign for the “XYZ” product that I manufactured. It becomes almost impossible to personalize the message for the audience who watch it.

However, if I send emails to few hundred people promoting my product, I am able to personalize the message to each of my audience.

Which is better – ATL or BTL?

Well. There are many marketers in Nepal who claim that BTL promotion is the best. I don’t think either of both is the best. And, it depends on the company situation.

Every company needs to analyze their internal situation and market environment before they run a marketing campaign involving either of those.

Today, in the age of the internet, the line between ATL and BTL is getting blurred. And, there’s something called TTL marketing strategies as well.

There’s another – TTL (Through the Line)

Let’s take Social Media for an example. Which kind of activity would you consider social media marketing – ATL or BTL?

Social Media may be used for customer relationship management (at a micro level) or even for branding purpose (at a macro level). This kind of activities are considered to be TTL.

TTL activities include all advertisement strategies that involve both ATL and BTL kind of marketing.

As it is an online world where consumers attention is shifting towards the internet mostly mobile. The line is getting blurred day by day. Today every brand needs to create an effective online marketing strategy that works. Rather than missing on either of ATL or BTL, we need to focus on both and make an integrated approach towards online marketing.

Advertising Industry in Nepal (History, Present Context and Online Trends)

What do you think is the scenario of the advertising industry in Nepal?

Everyone knows that the advertisement has become a major business in Nepal. Channels keep on changing, but the advertisement is always there.

Since every business needs sales to sustain their business and earn profits, they keep on reinvesting a part of their profits into advertising.

Before we discuss the ad market in Nepal, let’s discuss what advertising is.

What is Advertising?

Advertising as Google dictionary defines it as the “the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.”

I would like to quote a sentence from a book named “Ogilvy on Advertising”. Here the author writes – If I make an Ad, I don’t want you to say that you find it creative. I want you to find it so interesting that you actually buy the product.

At the heart of advertisement is “SALES”.

Increasing sales is not the only goal but it’s the most important goal of advertising. Sales is what makes a company sustain its profitability.

There are sometimes when “Sales” is not the core objective. Huge corporates still advertise even when their sales are escalating. They do it for “Branding” purpose. Even the well-established brands need nurturing or else they may vanish.

Advertising is reaching the target consumer using the best channels.

Does the Advertisement really appeal?

Our world is filled with advertisements.

A single individual is surrounded by ads immediately after s/he wakes up. Whether you open Facebook feed or read a newspaper, everywhere there are ads.

Advertisements are just everywhere.

Companies invest millions of rupees to be in front of you. But do these ads really appeal to the people – your target audience?

In order to answer this question, every brand needs to understand their objectives and goals to advertise. Why do you want to advertise? Is it to increase revenue? Or to create awareness?

A survey that Advertising Association of Nepal (AAN) did among 50 people reveal that Ads highly influence their decision if those Ads are good.

According to the article from AAN, “The ad statements hang on the mouth of the consumers if it’s interesting but the survey shows that it doesn’t force them to buy the product.”

Although Advertisements does not seem to benefit the company’s sales immediately, they really affect consumer’s subconscious mind.

People literally speak those ads years after it has stopped running.

This is especially true in case of children when they grow up, as the words and pictures start to sink into their subconscious mind.

If the advertisement has been carefully designed to sink into the mind of your target audience, then it helps the brand more than anything else.

A Brief History Of Advertising in Nepal

As with every country, Advertisement started out in the form of print advertisements. Nepal’s advertisement was printed on the cover page of the book – “Mokshashidhhi” in the year 1919 B.S  The Ad was about another book.

However, the second advertisement was found printed only after 26 years in 1945 B.S. This time it was the advertisement of the monthly magazine named “Gorkha Bharat Jiwan”.

Not much had been developed in the advertising sector during those years. The first commercial advertisement is believed to be published in the year 1984 B.S in a publication called “Gorkhapatra”.

Gorkhapatra - First Commercial Newspaper Nepal


The newspaper was the only medium to advertise about businesses. Due to the lack of industrialization and economic development, newspapers were either supported by political parties or the government.

This industry did not see many changes until 2017 B.S. This was the time when first advertising agency was started named “Nepal Advertisers”. At the time, businesses had 2 major options for mass advertisement:

  • Newspaper
  • Cinema Halls


Needless to say, only businesses with huge spending budgets got chance to put the advertisement in Newspaper and Cinema Halls.

After 1990 (2046 B.S) private media were in the path of development, Nepal saw the rise in the volume of newspapers, FM radios, and television channels.

After that, numerous channels have emerged as an ad medium. Some of them are print, radio, TV, DTA (Digital Theatre Advertisement), digital display, hoarding boards, online portals and so on.

The Present Scenario of Advertising Industry in Nepal

Today, there are more than 120 agencies registered with AAN. Around 10-11 are believed to be big Ad agencies which have capacities to invest in audio, visual and …… ads.

According to the AAN, these are the sectors which dominate the Ad market today:

  • FMCG products,
  • Consumer Electronics,
  • BFIs,
  • Educational institutions and consultancies,
  • Automobile,
  • Construction materials and equipment,
  • Tourism and Hospitality,
  • Real Estate and Housing
  • Telecommunications and Internet services


The print medium is still the most invested channel today with Rs 240 million being spent on print in Fiscal Year 2015/16.

Online Portals and Social Media today only form 5% of the total ad market share.

Technology has been at the heart of the advertisements in today’s advertising condition. For instance, TV commercials used to have little or no graphics in the past Ads. Today, however, TV commercials with the higher level of animation are being broadcasted.

2015 was a bit disturbed year for advertising because of the earthquake and blockade. However, after the end of the blockade near February, advertising began to rise and recover.

Type of Ad Agencies

All four types of Ad agencies are active in Nepal. These types are:

  • In-house agencies
  • Creative boutiques
  • Media Buying Agencies
  • Full-Service agencies


Learn more about the type of Advertising Agencies.

Quality over Cost

Many Ad agencies have faced huge competition and work by a low margin. This way, they are only able to focus on absolutely necessary work which degrades the overall quality of the service.

I think it’s time to focus more on quality than cost because quality work takes time and effort and clients understand that as well.

Future of Advertising – Online Marketing Trends in Nepal

The future surely is digital marketing.

Many companies today have realized the power of online marketing. That’s the reason professions like SEO and content writing are in huge demand.

As I have already mentioned, digital Ad spending covers just 5% of the total Ad market. Nevertheless, this will increase as big agencies and corporates start to invest hugely on the internet as well.

Even the print media like Kantipur have their online counterparts. [like ekantipur .com]

Since most of the consumers today hang out online, businesses have no other options than to be online and advertise online. This is the world where SEO and social media rules.

Most Consumers want content today. Those brands which create meaningful content will win in the imminent future.


Now, I want to know from you.

How do you find the situation of advertising industry in Nepal? Please let me and our readers know about it in the comment section below  👇

Marketing Strategy for Apple – Steve Jobs

Marketing from the viewpoint of the late Steve Jobs:

  • Marketing is about values.
  • We have to be absolutely clear on what we want them to remember about us.
  • Even a great brand needs investment and caring to retain its relevance and vitality
  • “Got Milk” – focuses on the absence of the product.
  • When we think of Nike, we feel something different than a shoe company.
  • Nike honors great athletes and they honor great athletics. That’s who they are.
  • Our customers want to know who is Apple and what is it that we stand for?
  • Core Value
  • Core Value for Apple – “People with passion can change the world for the better”
  • “Think Different” touches the soul of this company.

What’s “Think Different” is about?It’s about honoring great people that changed the world.

Facebook Advertising in Nepal – The Ultimate Guide (2018 Update)

Looking for Facebook Advertising in Nepal? This post helps you know all there is to know to start a successful Facebook marketing campaign.

Who does not want to advertise on Facebook?

After all, we can reach more than 14,000 people with just 3 dollars spent. Of course, this is not always the case. However, this is the result that I got when I ran an advertisement campaign for Swopna Digital.

Don’t believe me? here’s the proof:

Facebook Advertising for Brand Awaareness


Whenever it comes to online advertisement, two of the big names are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

No doubt, AdWords is a bit more expensive compared to Facebook ads. Not to forget that AdWords is more search focused though.

Adwords Ads (especially on Google Search Network) tends to convert well because it is focused on the intent. Since people are searching for your product or service or any form of information regarding your industry.

That being said, social media has grown into huge popularity these days.

That’s the reason reach of Facebook ads is huge compared to the price that you have to pay to advertise on both the platforms.

If you want to build brand awareness of your brand, then there is no better way than to advertise it on Facebook.

Social Media Marketing in Nepal

Social Media is not just Facebook. Most of the people here in Nepal relate social media marketing with Facebook.

Let me mention other social media where your business can leverage the content:

  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Quora
  • Pinterest


And then there are other niche community sites. For instance, (for digital marketing), there are communities like Moz.com or Inbound.org.

Next, social media marketing goes beyond just the advertisement.

Ads are just a tip of the social marketing iceberg. There are other areas where you need to focus as well, like Customer Experience Planning, Content Strategy, Social Media Optimization and so on.

That being said, boosting Facebook page or advertising content can be one of the best forms of brand awareness campaign (as I have already mentioned above)

How does Facebook Advertising work?

Facebook sets any advertising into 3 levels. These levels are:

  1. Campaign
  2. Ad sets
  3. Ads



You set the objective at the campaign level. Why do want to run the ad campaign? Is it for brand awareness or reach or for the product launch?

Ad Sets

Targeting, Ad placement, and Bid setting come at this level. One campaign may contain multiple ad sets. It is better to make 1 ads set for one product or service.


You can set up individual ads after you set all the aforementioned settings in the ad settings. For ads, you have to choose creative (pictures or video), links, messages that you want to convey and so on.


I mentioned above that facebook advertisement works like a charm for the brand awareness campaign. That does not mean it does not work for other campaigns like the product launch.

One point to remember is –

People use Facebook to connect with family and friends, not with businesses.

That’s the reason the kind of ads that you make should blend in properly inside your audience’s feed. As they are scrolling through their friends’ posts, suddenly they get a post that says “sponsored”. This can be both boon or a bane for your type of business and content.

That’s the reason, your Ad (creatives, message, and link) has to perfectly blend into their feed so that they feel that it is made for them.

Are Facebook Ads worth it?

Reach is one of the powerful USP of Facebook Ads, compared to other forms of online ads. However, there is more to the story.

Sometimes, people expect ads from companies. That builds trust. More than 100 years have passed since the dawn of the advertising industry, people still expect creative ads to buy products from any businesses.

That’s how it works.

Experts believe that Facebook Ads currently is a bit underpriced.

Of course, it is not going to be the same at the end of 2018. As more and more pages target the same keywords and audience, they will be willing to pay more for the same kind of keywords and resulting cost of placing ads is going to be huge.

Even then Facebook has one competitive advantage over others, that is they have more personal data than any other vendors. This should make Ads from this platform more personalized and intelligent in the near future.

How to make Facebook Advertisement?

As you log in to your facebook ads manager account, you see a green button on the top right corner that says “Create Ad”

The First Step:

Select an objective for your marketing. Although you may use the existing campaign for this, let’s focus on creating a brand new campaign now.

Marketing Obective for Facebook Ads


Here you have three categories of objectives: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

You have to be crystal clear about which marketing objective you choose. This way, you make it easy for Facebook to guide you through the process.

Choose an objective, provide a unique name to your campaign and continue.

The Second Step:

At the Ad set level, you configure the most important settings like Budget, Audience and Ad placement. There might be other options as well depending on the type of objective you choose.

Let’s say you choose “Traffic” as your objective, you get an option to choose where you want to drive traffic – Website, App or Messenger.

Drive Traffic to your website


There are several ways you can target the audience on Facebook. Some of the criteria include Location, Gender, Age, Languages, and Interest.

For placement, I recommend it to leave it to “Automatic Placement” if you want to get the most out of your Ads. In case you know absolutely where it should be placed or should not be placed, you may opt-in to edit this setting.

For Budget, choose Daily Budget if you want to run your campaign continuously until you want to end manually. Or, if you are budget conscious or are on a low budget, then you may opt to set a lifetime budget and set a limited time frame for it.

Facebook shows estimates on how much reach you get or any other metrics that are important to you.

Estimated Daily facebook Ad results


The Third Step:

Actually, create an Ad or Ads.

Once again, Facebook provides you a variety of format options to choose, for your Ad. These include Carousel, Single Image, Single Image, Single Video, Slideshow, and Collection.

While other formats seem more like an Ad, a single image seems like a normal post.

That’s the reason I would choose a single image.

The next best option is to choose a single video (in case you have made a creative video ready). You may choose other formats as according to your need. However, I personally recommend a single image as of this date.

You may run different ads within a single Ad set and see which turns out to be the best. And, you might also choose to split test two of your ads to see which brings in most value over others.

When you have configured all of your settings, Facebook shows you a preview of your Ad like this:

facebook Ad Swopna Digital


Facebook Ads Payment and Pricing

If you are running a Facebook Ad campaign for the first time, then it asks you for a payment method, this seems to be more of a problem for most of the Nepalese businesses.

As Paypal – a popular online payment vendor does not support Nepal as a country of its choice as of today.

I personally use Payoneer card to pay for Facebook Ads.

There are also other options like Credit cards and Debit Cards from a Bank that Facebook recognizes.

My best wishes for your next campaign. If you have faced any problems or excitement while running Facebooks Ads here from Nepal, you might want to share some of those in the comment section below 👇

The Present Scenario of Inbound Marketing in Nepal

What’s the scene of inbound marketing in Nepal? Well. First of all, let’s learn about inbound marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is customer-centric marketing. Unlike traditional forms (which are more outbound), inbound is focused on attracting your customers through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media.

You are not fighting for the consumer’s attention.

This time, your audience is searching for you or providing you the attention.

Before discussing the inbound scenario in Nepal, let’s know in brief about what goes into a well-planned inbound system:

Inbound Methodology

Here are few steps that take place in a successful inbound campaign according to HubSpot:


First of all, your customers are strangers to you meaning that they don’t know anything about you. This is the step when you attract people that are unknown to you. And, this is where inbound really separates from outbound.

Outbound is more business-centric while inbound is more customer-centric. That’s the reason professionals start any marketing campaigns with the buyer persona in hand.

Channels that we use to attract people in inbound marketing are blogs, search engines, social media organic reach and so on.


Once you receive visitors in your channel, let’s say a website, you have to convert them into a consumer. If they bounce back from your website, they might be gone forever.

This is the reason websites try to capture your emails in exchange for an offer. Email forms, Call to Action (CTAs) or landing pages fall under this step.


What’s the point capturing emails or any other data if you can’t monetize it? You have to make people buy your products sooner or later. That’s the point of doing business, right?

This is the step when you close the leads that you converted to make them your customer. How do you do this?

Well. There are many ways, some of them being promotional emails. CRM (Customer Relationship Management),


After you make someone your customer, it’s time to forget about them and focus on other leads, right? Not really. That’s not inbound.

If you delight your customers, then they will happily market your product which is 100 times more powerful.

How do you delight your customers? This is something very specific to your brand. With buyer personas in hand, it’s not that difficult.

You might provide them free offers. Or, make them participate in surveys and promote them. Or, mention them on social media. This can be anything.

The only precaution – “Don’t overdo it” or you may ruin your brand.


Earn Money Online in nepal

Scenario of Inbound Marketing in Nepal

ROI of inbound marketing is not visible immediately after you run the campaign. That’s the reason most of the businesses here in Nepal are really skeptical about it. They want results within a few days after they run any sorts of efforts.

That’s considerable to some extent. Because it’s their money, right?

However, that’s the traditional mentality.

Any sorts of inbound marketing like SEO, blogging or social media does not work overnight. It takes time and it brings you a lot of benefits as well.

YES. you may be viral on social media sometimes. But the world is too greedy to make you viral every time you publish an article on your blog.

That being said, people have started realizing the benefits that inbound brings. That’s the reason companies have been investing heavily in SEO and don’t hesitate to pay for the content writers.

Because they see the ROI that it provides in the long run.

Internet is more than just the Facebook

No doubt, people follow the trends. That’s the human nature.

However, if you want to get most out of your online marketing efforts, you have to be one step ahead than anyone else.

While most of the businesses just investing in Facebook advertising (boosting the posts), it’s the time you can invest in Search Engine Optimization and leverage content strategy to it’s best.

Youtube videos, on the other hand, require some investment, but it builds trust for the brand when videos are professional and helps the audience at the same time.