Brainwave Entrainment – What It Is? (Brainwaves Explained)

Everything in this universe has a rhythmic pattern, isn’t it?

Well, it is and it seems that our brain, which is certainly the most complex object in the world has a rhythmic pattern as well (sometimes, it’s also referred to as neural oscillation)

At any given moment, our brain is believed to be in one of the states – Beta, Alpha, Theta, Gamma and Delta state. Each of these states has a range of vibration associated with it.

… brainwave entrainment is about altering the state of your brain to make impact in your life.

Before we talk further about brainwave entrainment, let’s discuss first about the brainwave itself.

What are Brainwaves?

Whenever we think, it brings a flood of chemicals in the neurons. Neurons communicate with each other, and when they do – they produce a synchronized electrical pulses.

… these are often referred to as brain waves.

The metric to measure the brain wave is Hertz (Cycles Per Second).

Beta State (12 – 38 Hz)

Beta State is the state of our normal waking consciousness. Whenever we are in the thinking state – thinking about the outside world, we’re in the beta state. Decision making and focused activities all relate to this state of the brain.

Alpha State (8 – 12 Hz)

Alpha state represents calmness and rest. It’s the state where we quietly bring in thoughts while also being in some meditative states. A lot of people while daydreaming or in relaxation (like yoga) tend to be in this state.

Have you heard of Law of Attraction?

If yes, then let me also mention that all the visualization manifests in this state of the brain. This is when you program your future as well.

Theta State (3 – 8 Hz)

Theta state comes mostly in sleep while sometimes in meditation. A lot of ancient sages is believed to gain Theta state after few minutes of meditation.

… it’s the state of our intuition.

There are almost no thoughts when we tap into this mystic and powerful state – there’re only vivid imaginations, intuition and information beyond what we see in the normal world.

Delta State (0.5 – 3 Hz)

Deepest of the state, which is activated during the dreamless meditation. Delta state is often associated with healing and suspension of the external awareness.

Delta waves are slow, low-frequency waves and deeply penetrates like a drum beat.

Gamma State (38 – 42 Hz)

When the brain process information rapidly and from different areas of the brain, it starts generating gamma waves. This state refers to the simultaneous processing of the information in the brain. Credited as the most subtle state of the brain, our brain needs to be quiet to generate gamma waves.

… gamma waves are believed to be possible only when we are in deeply focused on something.

This article is of course not supposed to be ‘Scientific’ class – I will explain it to you why all this matters and how you can benefit from this newly found idea.

What is Brainwave Entrainment?

Once again, let’s breakdown the word – ‘Brainwave’ and ‘Entrainment’.

We have already learned a lot about brainwaves, now it’s time we get to get into the word – ‘entrainment’.

Entrainment basically means ‘synchronization’. When you are causing synchronization, it’s often referred to as entrainment. In our case, when one wave causes the other wave to be in synchronization (i.e same frequency), it’s said that the former wave entrained the latter one.

Brainwave Entrainment, hence is a method to stimulate the brain to enter a certain state by using a pulsing sound, light or electromagnetic wave.

Although it might seem complex, it’s not – believe me.

Think about this – whenever you listen to a sad, emotional songs – how does your brain react? Of course, you tend to feel sad, right? Now think about what caused that emotional response within the brain. It’s the the music around you that sparked that response.

… entrainment is not much different (except the fact that we are talking about frequencies and beat)

Benefits of Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment helps us in a lot of ways. Since it is about reaching a certain state of the brain, it impacts all the areas of our life.

  • Increases the level of creativity in us.
  • Relieves the stress (Helps us get into relaxation state)
  • Enhanced learning (Heightened IQ + EQ)
  • Deep Sleep

These are just the few of the benefits of brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment, as I see it is an important part of 21st century meditation – let’s say scientific meditation.