Creative Visualization – How to Make Law of Attraction Work for you?

Creative Visualization – An interesting topic, right?

Let’s stop for a moment in life and imagine the moments when you achieved something. How did you feel in those situations? Did you feel low or worried?

Or did you feel happy and rejuvenated? Of course, you should have felt energetic, happy and grateful. In fact, that’s the reason you achieved those goals. Knowingly or unknowingly, you visualized yourself being in the situation.

That’s creative visualization.

Creative Visualization is being in the moment that you want to be. It is about being the person you want to be.Because here’s the secret:

Everything you want to possess, you already possess that.

It’s just that you need to realize the person within who already possesses that abundance.

How Creative Visualization Works?

Creative Visualization in in-fact working every moment for us.We have yet to realize it.Most people confuse the topic.Visualization is an art of creating pictures in your mind.When we do that, we begin to be in tune with those vibrations.Everything is a vibration in this world.Every objects, thoughts, action…….. – These all have some kind of vibrations associated with it.Thinking is one of the highest forms of vibrations.As one of the sayings goes:

What you put out is what you get.

What you visualize is what you receive.

Steps to Begin Creative Visualization – How to do it?

Here are a few steps that help you get the most out of your creative visualization meditation.Remember that creative visualization is not merely a science. As with every form of meditation, it’s an art.An Art of Manifestation.Everyone has their own techniques that work best for them.As Steve Jobs said – “Keep Looking and Don’t Settle”. That’s particularly important here.Keep practicing until you find a creative visualization technique that works fine for you.

1. Relax and Tune into the Energy

The first step is to relax.Might seem simple. Yet it is the most important.You only communicate with your subconscious mind when you relax.When you relax, your state of the mind changes from beta to alpha (or conscious to subconscious).This way, you begin to realize the peace within your mind and begin to tune into the infinite energy.How?It’s all in the BREATH.As simple as that.Just breath in, breath out. A long breath in, long breath out.Don’t force yourself.Just be in the flow and let your breath help you in the process.

2. Gratitude and Appreciate everything

Be grateful for everything.Gratitude is powerful.When you start appreciating everything in this universe, you start activating the law of attraction for you.Why?Gratitude is one of the highest forms of vibrations.Since the law of vibration is the foundation for the law of attraction, soon gratitude will be a key to happiness in your life.Gratitude is important, not just for the manifestation.Gratitude attracts more gratitude.This step helps change your state into a more pure and calm state of the mind, free of distractions.

3. Clear picture – Imagination

Clarity is power.When you are clear on your goals and dreams, half the work is already done.Most of the people don’t know what they want to do in life.Don’t worry if don’t.The clear picture of what you want comes with practice.This is probably the most important step.It’s where the magic of creative visualization start to come into your life.

4. Make it a Habit

Make Creative Visualization a “HABIT”.It’s not that you visualize one thing and keep on visualize that for months to get that.And most likely, you don’t just want 1 thing in life, you want many.Everyone does.So, let’s make creative visualization a habit and not a one-time meditation.This way we assure ourselves to create a life of profound happiness and joy.