The Scope of Digital Marketing in Nepal

The Scope of Digital Marketing in Nepal (2020 Online Trends, Growth and more)

Do you really want to know the scope of digital marketing in Nepal? 

Just see around.

Yes. I mean it. Just see around and observe the world, and analyze how it has changed through the use of digital technology.

Just before a decade ago, people used to start their day reading newspapers. Not anymore! Today, it’s the Email or the Facebook feeds. While some may argue there’s still traditional media prevalent in Nepal, there’s no doubt that digital is soon changing the paradigm of how we live our life.

Before we discuss about the scope, it’s necessary to know what digital marketing is and what are it’s core areas.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is any marketing through digital channel.

The digital marketing encompasses any activities that are done through digital (mostly online) channels.

Here’s what I mean:

Previously, businesses use to promote their services and products using televisions, radios, newspapers and so on. These used to be the mainstream media. Soon, the situation is changing, as everyone has started to accept the digital media as the new mainstream.

What works today is the INTERNET.

Digital Marketing is just an upgrade from the old marketing tactics, where everything is the same except the channel. It’s a transformation – the whole paradigm is changing.

The way a business interacts with a customer …

The way a customer finds about and communicate with a business …

The way we do a product launch …

Everything is changing. Digital marketing has opened a new gate of possibilities for businesses, which were not there in there in the first place. Hence, digital marketing is not just an upgrade – it’s revolution in itself.

Here are few core areas of digital marketing:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Almost every business has a website these days.

But, having a website is not enough – you need traffic. If no one in the world is visiting your website, no matter how good it is –

it does not exist …

Yes, there are different ways to bring people to your site. At a given time – the amount of work that you can do for marketing is just insane. You may promote your site through social media, advertise through Google, promote the site in other’s website, appear higher in the search engines and so on.

One of the best ways is through SEO.

When your target customer search for their problems (or product) using the search engine, they are hungry to find the information they want.

And, if you can capitalize on that, and create content that provides the user with what they want – you appear higher on search engines.

SEO in Nepal

When ranking a website for any search term, Google takes into consideration more than 200 factors which help them rank millions of websites within their index.

Here are few reasons why SEO is beneficial to the companies:

  • Consistent traffic
  • Targeted traffic
  • Implied Endorsement Effect
  • Organic (no need to pay the search engines)

and so on …

Of course, there are a lot of other reasons to do SEO for a website – these are the core reasons.

SEO is not just about ranking these days. It’s more about leveraging search engine to make your online presence better. This way, any brands can ensure that they have a competitive advantage over their competitors (when their target customers search online)

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2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

While SEO is about bringing traffic organically, there’s still another way to bring people to your website through search – Ads.

For SEM, you have to pay search engines (like Google) to be in front of your customers. Search Engines have developed a platform through which the advertisers can bid and have their Ads shown within the search engine.

Google Adwords in nepal

Google Adwords is the most popular one.

It works based on “Bids”. The general rule is that more you pay, the more exposure you get.

However, that’s not the only factor that matters. Google has worked on its algorithm to calculate the “Ad Rank” for any individual Ads., which depends on the quality score. The interesting fact is that Quality Score does not just depend on the money you spend. In case, every other factor is the same, you get priority for spending more money.

Even for that, you need to increase your Quality Score.

Here’s the ad rank formula:

Ad Rank = Quality Score * CPC Bid


Ad Rank – is the the metric used to rank ads.

Quality Score – depends on how much your ad is relevant to the “keyword” you’re bidding.

CPC Bid – is the the maximum amount you’re willing to pay per click. 

As you can see, Google values quality over just quantity. That’s because, search engines always want to make their users happy – so that they keep coming back to their website.

3. Content Marketing

“Content is King!”

You might have heard it at least once in your lifetime. Because content is really king of whatever we do in digital marketing.

Here’s the thing:

Everything we do revolves around the content. Content drives the way we approach the marketing. In fact, many marketers today believe that content is the only marketing that’s left. Add onto that, content is something your customers will like.

No one likes Ads!

That’s a harsh truth – “no one like ads!” But, everyone likes the content that’s helpful to them – which solves their problem. At the very least – which provides them with the information that they need. That’s the reason sites like Youtube and Snapchat are too popular – where users can see the content they like to see.

That’s what content marketing is all about.

Content comes in many forms. Basically, the idea is simple – anything that a customer consumes is the content for a business. Here are few forms of it – blogs, videos, podcasts, forums, etc.

This particular blog post is indeed, a part of content marketing.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the hub for the internet.

In fact, for most of the people, social media is the internet. If social media were to collapse for some reasons, there would be a huge serious issue in this world. Social Media has been the most used aspect of the internet.

Needless to say, marketers are soon turning their attention …

… to the social media.

While historically marketing has been a one-way style promotion, social media is different. It’s a 2-way media. Everyone has the power to express themselves. And, this affects the brands in the way that did not exist before.

Facebook Advertising in Nepal

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media in the world.

Not surprising!

Quite unsurprising that marketers (especially in Nepal) are turning their attention to Facebook advertising. Facebook, as a marketing platform is currently under-leveraged platform today. Compared to Google Adwords, it can be cheap as well.

5. Banner Advertising

Banner advertising seems to be one of the popular ways of advertising here in Nepal.

Let me ask you a question – “Have you seen advertisement like this ?”

Banner (Display) Advertising in Nepal  - Google Adwords

Of course, you have.

Banner Ads are all over the internet.

Whether it be blogs, content websites, news sites or business sites, companies try to promote themselves on other’s portal using banner ads. Often times, banners work fine – when designed well. However, we need to take care of the user experience.

Or else …

… no one will like it.

Unlike the traditional advertisements like those we see on billboards, web banners are seen on the computer screen. Hence, it’s actually the light we see. So, it’s necessary to optimize the design to watch in front of the screen.

Too content heavy – and you’re out.

Internet prefers minimalism everywhere!

Banner Ads can be of any size and can be embedded anywhere. Generally, it’s a rectangle and kept in the sidebar. There are 2 ways to advertise banner ads on other’s websites –

a) directly 

b) through advertising networks.

Once again, Adwords comes in handy for display advertising networks. Although there are multiple others like the one from the Bing, Google Adwords is the market leader in terms of the advertisers. After all, Google has the most sophisticated search algorithm in the world.

… which helps people show only the relevant Ads.

Of course, there are other aspects of digital marketing. Like, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Analytics, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Automation and so on …

… some of which are pretty advanced topics.

For now, let’s see how digital marketing has developed as an industry, not just in Nepal – all over the world.

Digital Marketing Growth All Over the World 

The global digital advertising industry is believed to be more than $209 billion, as of 2018.

Here’s what happens in the internet within a minute:

A Minute (60 seconds) in the internet


Few years ago, TV spending used to be higher than any other forms of Ads.

While in 2017, digital ad spending worldwide surpassed the Television Ads spending. The overall digital marketing industry is growing tremendously – and is estimated to reach the valuation of $306 billion by 2020.

Digital Marketing Scenario in Nepal  

Digital Advertising just covered a total of 5% of the total advertising, in 2016.

However, the number is growing rapidly – as the internet is boosted from both the sides – brands and the users. As of 2016, there are already around 5 million people connected to the internet – and the penetration rate of the internet is 17%.

Number of Internet Users in Nepal

However, that’s the data from July, 2016.

And, of course the number has been increased – can be clearly stated seeing with the number of penetration rate.

Now, the question is still there:

“Is there a scope of digital marketing in Nepal?”

Honest answer – “There is.”

Look at the number of digital marketing agencies being started. Almost, everyone is keen to be interested in digital marketing, Why would they be interested in, if there was no scope?

However, it’s just an opinion.

More than opinions, let me point out the factors that are pointing to the growth and scope of digital marketing. Nepal is on its way to digitalization – just before a decade ago, there were no companies like Khalti and E-sewa.

Numbers of e-commerce companies are growing like crazy.

E-commerce is the area which requires digital marketing the most. And, with the growing number of e-commerce companies – number for digital marketing agencies should grow as well.

Whether you are an SEO freelancer or a full-fledged digital marketing agency in Nepal, there’s a huge potential in this field, particularly, here in Nepal.

In Conclusion

Now, I want to know from you.

What do you guys think of the future of digital marketing in Nepal? Are there any particular opportunities that internet marketing has created for you?

Let me and our readers know using the comment section below

5+ Benefits of Digital Marketing Over Traditional One

In the digital world, marketing has changed a lot because of digital media.

Quite a few decades ago, channels used to be in the last priority of a marketing strategy. Today, every marketing strategies are made with the channel in mind.

The landscape of marketing is changing faster than ever.

Of course, still, a lot of business use traditional channels such as TVs, radios or newspapers to reach their target audience. But, companies have started to realize the benefits that digital marketing brings to their business.

Here are some of the benefits that digital marketing has over traditional one:

1. Targeting

Digital media marketing is a data-driven marketing.

Data-driven means that we now know a wide array of details about the customers of any businesses.

Hence, targeting has been really powerful and useful through digital media.

Whether you run ads through social media or get traffic through SEO, people who come to visit your website are targeted ones. So, it’s not necessary to bore people with ads that they’ll never be interested in.

3 major areas of targeting:

  • Demographics
  • Geographics (location)
  • User Behavior

Whenever you do a search or look for something in social media, technology companies have data about you stored in their database.

This, in turn, helps them understand you better and eventually helps marketers conduct campaigns with precise targeting.

Let’s say you are a sports shop based in Kathmandu who sells football kits for men. Here’s what your ideal customers may look like:

Age Group18–29GenderMaleLocationKathmanduInterestsFootball, Soccer, UEFA Champions leagueBehaviorSearches “football kits” in the search engine.

Thanks to digital tools, we can target based on every one of the above criteria. Digital media helps any business reach their objective of being at the right time in front of the right people.

2. Measurable

You run a commercial ad campaign on television. How would you know if it’s actually bringing you business?

That’s possible in digital media.

Everything about the online channel is measurable. Whatever you want to know about your marketing efforts — every mouse movements can be tracked.

How many people visited your site’s landing page and did not complete the form?


Which channels drive the most traffic to your website — search or social media?

Analytics tool has answers to all these questions.

Tools like Google Analytics have made it easier than ever to track the user activities. After it is installed on your website, this tool tracks every page that users visit on your website.

Whether they bounce back from your website or remain for a certain time, every movement is tracked and collected in the form of reports.

3. International Audience

Almost 2 billions of people are connected through the internet as of today.

The internet has a huge audience.

Whether you are a small business based in a developing country or a multinational corporation — does not matter. Every company has that power to reach the global audience.

Let’s say you write a blog post on your website.

Anyone who has the link to your website can see your blog post.

This is a big advantage over traditional, in my opinion. Because in order to get in front of the global audience was not an easy task. Today, it’s not that difficult.

Of course, you might need to pay to reach more audience, which then again is cost-effective (next point)

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4. Cost-Effective

As of 2018, digital media is the most cost-effective channel to leverage for marketing.

Any marketing campaigns using digital media tend to be cost-effective than the traditional campaigns.

Effective — does not mean less cost.

Yes. It’s true that advertisements on social media or search engines are relatively low cost compared to TVs or magazines. However, cost-effective here means you get more effective results for the same amount of money invested in both digital and traditional.

The next edge that digital marketing has over the traditional one is that you only pay for the results that you want to get in.

Let’s say you want 10,000 people to visit your website.

You only pay what it takes to bring those 10,000 visitors to your website. (exact amount differs based on keywords and audience types)

Here are a few other reasons why you should invest in digital marketing:

5. Consumers research online
6. Social Media drives engagement
7. Mobile on-the-go 
8. Refine strategy as you go 
9. Research the competitors
10. Targeted Traffic
11. Higher ROI
12. Real-Time Performance
13. Growth hacking 
14. Retargeting
15. Automation in Marketing

16. Personalization

Now, it’s your turn!

Let us and our readers know what do you think of digital marketing and how does it benefit a brand in today’s world.

Do you still think that traditional channels are worth it?

Let us know through the comment section below

Marketing Strategy for Apple – Steve Jobs

Marketing from the viewpoint of the late Steve Jobs:

  • Marketing is about values.
  • We have to be absolutely clear on what we want them to remember about us.
  • Even a great brand needs investment and caring to retain its relevance and vitality
  • “Got Milk” – focuses on the absence of the product.
  • When we think of Nike, we feel something different than a shoe company.
  • Nike honors great athletes and they honor great athletics. That’s who they are.
  • Our customers want to know who is Apple and what is it that we stand for?
  • Core Value
  • Core Value for Apple – “People with passion can change the world for the better”
  • “Think Different” touches the soul of this company.

What’s “Think Different” is about?It’s about honoring great people that changed the world.