7 Inspirational Quotes From Dr. Yogi Vikashananda

Whenever I think of the word “philosopher”, the picture that comes the first in mind is “Dr. Yogi Vikashananda”

He is the person behind the Manokranti Movement. 

Manokranti, as they say it is the “revolution of the mind”. In Nepali, “Man” means the mind and “kranti” means the revolution. Hence, the meaning of the movement in short is to create revolution in your life with the power of the mind. 

Manokranti has launched a myriad of programs across the country with the slogan:

“संसारलाई बदल्नु छ, सुरु आँफै बाट गर्नु छ”

… which basically means – “Let’s change ourselves to change the world”

manokranti movement symbol

Who is Dr. Yogi Vikashananda?

Dr. Yogi Vikashananda is a spiritual leader from Nepal. According to him, the inner world and inner peace is the ultimate goal of life – because everything we interact in the external world changes (nothing remains the constant) while inner peace is something every one will seek at a certain point in their life. 

Many people know him with his trait of unique laugh. 

He has this ability of transforming the mass with his unique aura of presence. He can make them laugh, make them cry and ultimately help everyone transform themselves from within. 

… that’s what a spiritual leader should do. 

Motivational Quotes (in Nepali)

Here are few of the inspirational quotes from him, which will certainly help you find your purpose in life and be motivated every moment to achieve your ambition:

बहादुर त्यो होइन जो डराउँदैन, बहादुर त्यो हो जो डरका बाबजुद पनि अघि बढ्न सक्छ ।


Fearless is not the one who is afraid – it’s the one who acts in spite of the fear s/he has.

Everyone has some sorts of fear – whether it be the fear of death or fear of losing something. However, that should not stop a fearless person to start moving towards your goals. This is how we win over the fear and become fearless.

गरीब त्यो होइन जो बिछ्योउना किन्न सक्दैन,
गरीब त्यो हो जो ठीक सँग सुत्न सक्दैन ।


A poor person is not the one who cannot afford the mattress, s/he is the one who cannot sleep properly.

The hidden meaning is that – you’re not poor when you don’t have money, you’re really poor when you don’t know the intent behind having the money or wealth. Hence you have to understand why you want to have the money – and you’ll start attracting everything you need for that goal to be achieved.

खान नपाएर थोरै मान्छे मर्छन,
खान नजानेर धेरै मर्छन ।


Few people die with the scarcity of food, more people die with the lack of knowledge to eat food.

The hidden meaning is that when we don’t utilize the talent that lies within us, our life will be meaningless. Our life will destroy when we don’t develop ourselves. Because everything we need is out there somewhere – all we need to do is search for it. “There is food in the world, but we need to learn the art of eating to survive”

सम्पत्ति नभएर गरीब भाईदैन, भएको सम्पत्ति नचिनेर गरीब भईन्छ।


We don’t get poor because of the lack of riches, we get poor because we don’t see the riches within us.

More than 67% of the billionaires in this world are self made – which means that they started out with nothing and became extremely wealthy. How’s it even possible? That’s the question getting into our mind right now. This is all because wealthy people don’t believe in finding resources – they believe in being resourceful.

When you are resourceful, having resources is inevitable.

Dr Yogi Vikashananda - Riches, Wealth

असफलता झेल्ने आँट नभएकाहरू सफलताका हकदार हुनै सक्दैनन् ।


Those who can’t withstand failure do not deserve the success.

Go and read the biographies of the successful people – especially of the ones who started out like us. You’ll find out that they had ups and downs in their life. At some point, they were failures – some people were at the verge of quitting everything. However, they persevere and had faith within themselves.

In fact, this particular quality will make you deserve your success.

सबथोक पाएर दुःखी हुनुभन्दा सबैथोक गुमाएर सुखी हुनु महान् कुरा हो ।


It’s better to be happy by loosing everything rather than be sad by gaining everything.

At the end, we are looking for happiness – that’s what spirituality is about. Sometimes, you are so much prone to our achievements in our life that we forget ourselves along the way – our purpose; our true self.

Hence, Dr. Yogi Vikashananda claims that it’s better to get nothing and be happy if that’s the end goal of every souls. Remember that if you choose to do something in your life, do it with all the dedication. On the contrary, if you choose to do nothing – keep on doing nothing throughout your life – that’s how most of the sages and yogis are born.

सुख खोज्नु पर्दैन, दु:खको सदुपयोग गरे पुग्छ ।


Don’t seek happiness, try to utilize the sorrow.

Manokranti movement is about utilizing the negative aspects of our life. n our life, we are prone to both the positive and negative situations. Nevertheless, the kind of impact it will have on us completely depends on how we respond to both the situations.

Remember, don’t be reactive – be PROACTIVE.

Respond to the situations and not react – because that’s what will make you successful.

In Conclusion,

I’ve always believed that motivation always comes from within. 

We don’t need motivation to breathe, do we? 

In fact, when we live the life with purpose, then motivation is not something that we should search outside. It’s always there, it’s there helping us with the every breath that we inhale. Every moment of our life is pregnant with the other moment. 

… this creates the ripple effect. 

Whatever action you take will result in the other action. Hence, it becomes the chain of action. The best part is – one positive action will lead to the other positive action. 

Today is the day.

Right now is the moment. Let’s start thinking positive and taking actions affirmative to our purpose. And the motivation will follow.