Facebook Advertising in Nepal – The Ultimate Guide (2018 Update)

Looking for Facebook Advertising in Nepal? This post helps you know all there is to know to start a successful Facebook marketing campaign.

Who does not want to advertise on Facebook?

After all, we can reach more than 14,000 people with just 3 dollars spent. Of course, this is not always the case. However, this is the result that I got when I ran an advertisement campaign for Swopna Digital.

Don’t believe me? here’s the proof:

Facebook Advertising for Brand Awaareness


Whenever it comes to online advertisement, two of the big names are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

No doubt, AdWords is a bit more expensive compared to Facebook ads. Not to forget that AdWords is more search focused though.

Adwords Ads (especially on Google Search Network) tends to convert well because it is focused on the intent. Since people are searching for your product or service or any form of information regarding your industry.

That being said, social media has grown into huge popularity these days.

That’s the reason reach of Facebook ads is huge compared to the price that you have to pay to advertise on both the platforms.

If you want to build brand awareness of your brand, then there is no better way than to advertise it on Facebook.

Social Media Marketing in Nepal

Social Media is not just Facebook. Most of the people here in Nepal relate social media marketing with Facebook.

Let me mention other social media where your business can leverage the content:

  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Quora
  • Pinterest


And then there are other niche community sites. For instance, (for digital marketing), there are communities like Moz.com or Inbound.org.

Next, social media marketing goes beyond just the advertisement.

Ads are just a tip of the social marketing iceberg. There are other areas where you need to focus as well, like Customer Experience Planning, Content Strategy, Social Media Optimization and so on.

That being said, boosting Facebook page or advertising content can be one of the best forms of brand awareness campaign (as I have already mentioned above)

How does Facebook Advertising work?

Facebook sets any advertising into 3 levels. These levels are:

  1. Campaign
  2. Ad sets
  3. Ads



You set the objective at the campaign level. Why do want to run the ad campaign? Is it for brand awareness or reach or for the product launch?

Ad Sets

Targeting, Ad placement, and Bid setting come at this level. One campaign may contain multiple ad sets. It is better to make 1 ads set for one product or service.


You can set up individual ads after you set all the aforementioned settings in the ad settings. For ads, you have to choose creative (pictures or video), links, messages that you want to convey and so on.


I mentioned above that facebook advertisement works like a charm for the brand awareness campaign. That does not mean it does not work for other campaigns like the product launch.

One point to remember is –

People use Facebook to connect with family and friends, not with businesses.

That’s the reason the kind of ads that you make should blend in properly inside your audience’s feed. As they are scrolling through their friends’ posts, suddenly they get a post that says “sponsored”. This can be both boon or a bane for your type of business and content.

That’s the reason, your Ad (creatives, message, and link) has to perfectly blend into their feed so that they feel that it is made for them.

Are Facebook Ads worth it?

Reach is one of the powerful USP of Facebook Ads, compared to other forms of online ads. However, there is more to the story.

Sometimes, people expect ads from companies. That builds trust. More than 100 years have passed since the dawn of the advertising industry, people still expect creative ads to buy products from any businesses.

That’s how it works.

Experts believe that Facebook Ads currently is a bit underpriced.

Of course, it is not going to be the same at the end of 2018. As more and more pages target the same keywords and audience, they will be willing to pay more for the same kind of keywords and resulting cost of placing ads is going to be huge.

Even then Facebook has one competitive advantage over others, that is they have more personal data than any other vendors. This should make Ads from this platform more personalized and intelligent in the near future.

How to make Facebook Advertisement?

As you log in to your facebook ads manager account, you see a green button on the top right corner that says “Create Ad”

The First Step:

Select an objective for your marketing. Although you may use the existing campaign for this, let’s focus on creating a brand new campaign now.

Marketing Obective for Facebook Ads


Here you have three categories of objectives: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

You have to be crystal clear about which marketing objective you choose. This way, you make it easy for Facebook to guide you through the process.

Choose an objective, provide a unique name to your campaign and continue.

The Second Step:

At the Ad set level, you configure the most important settings like Budget, Audience and Ad placement. There might be other options as well depending on the type of objective you choose.

Let’s say you choose “Traffic” as your objective, you get an option to choose where you want to drive traffic – Website, App or Messenger.

Drive Traffic to your website


There are several ways you can target the audience on Facebook. Some of the criteria include Location, Gender, Age, Languages, and Interest.

For placement, I recommend it to leave it to “Automatic Placement” if you want to get the most out of your Ads. In case you know absolutely where it should be placed or should not be placed, you may opt-in to edit this setting.

For Budget, choose Daily Budget if you want to run your campaign continuously until you want to end manually. Or, if you are budget conscious or are on a low budget, then you may opt to set a lifetime budget and set a limited time frame for it.

Facebook shows estimates on how much reach you get or any other metrics that are important to you.

Estimated Daily facebook Ad results


The Third Step:

Actually, create an Ad or Ads.

Once again, Facebook provides you a variety of format options to choose, for your Ad. These include Carousel, Single Image, Single Image, Single Video, Slideshow, and Collection.

While other formats seem more like an Ad, a single image seems like a normal post.

That’s the reason I would choose a single image.

The next best option is to choose a single video (in case you have made a creative video ready). You may choose other formats as according to your need. However, I personally recommend a single image as of this date.

You may run different ads within a single Ad set and see which turns out to be the best. And, you might also choose to split test two of your ads to see which brings in most value over others.

When you have configured all of your settings, Facebook shows you a preview of your Ad like this:

facebook Ad Swopna Digital


Facebook Ads Payment and Pricing

If you are running a Facebook Ad campaign for the first time, then it asks you for a payment method, this seems to be more of a problem for most of the Nepalese businesses.

As Paypal – a popular online payment vendor does not support Nepal as a country of its choice as of today.

I personally use Payoneer card to pay for Facebook Ads.

There are also other options like Credit cards and Debit Cards from a Bank that Facebook recognizes.

My best wishes for your next campaign. If you have faced any problems or excitement while running Facebooks Ads here from Nepal, you might want to share some of those in the comment section below 👇