10+ Best Youtube Channels for Filmmakers (in 2019)

Here I have compiled some of the best filmmaking resources channels out there on youtube.

When it comes to the educational content on youtube, resources are huge – and it’s so easy to get distracted. Which ones to learn first? Which ones are genuine and which are promotional content? Are the content updated often as the technology gears forward?

Thousands of questions in mind.

No worries, this list comes to your rescue. I have compiled only truly genuine resources which will help you develop your craft as a filmmaker.

Here are those list:

Filmmaker IQ

Filmmaker IQ is one of the best channels to learn about filmmaking. They generally make an information – kind of video. I loved the way they integrate motion graphics into their videos. It’s a truly edutainment channel – with a lot of depth information on certain topics.

Whether it be about the using audio for the movies, history of the movies or the green screen – they have got it all covered.

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StudioBinder is another channel which offers a lot of quality videos – from script writing to cinematography.

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RocketJump Film School

Almost like a film school on YouTube, RocketJump School offer a lot of in-depth videos on every aspect of filmmaking. My favorite videos are their ‘101’ series – Cuts and Transitions 101, VFX core concept 101 and so on.

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Film Courage

Renowned for their lengthy interview-like videos, Film Courage offers videos where we can learn from the industry professionals ranging from screenwriters to actors.

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The Slanted Lens

Mostly for cinematography and photography, The Slanted Lens produce some of the great quality videos on lighting, camera comparisons and such. My favorite videos are their playlists on ‘Laws of Light’.

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Mostly known for his behind the scenes videos, they make a lot of quality videos about filmmaking in general. My personal favorite is their ‘FilmMaking on a budget’ video.

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Film Riot

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Tommorows Filmmakers

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Parker Welbeck

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Cinematography Database

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Honorable Mentions: (Videos)

There are few videos out there on YouTube which helps you learn about the particular subject – be it cinematography, screenwriting, etc. Remember these are all the personal choices. I have watched these videos to educate myself on various aspects of filmmaking. Hence, I thought it would be a great idea to share it to you guys as well.