Looking for Graphic Design Training in Nepal? You’re in the right place. While designing is an artistic aspect and mostly you need to have a creative eye and brain to approach the work, few principles and techniques will take you miles ahead. 

Graphic Designing Training In Nepal

What You’ll learn?


Graphic design is a vast field, there are a lot of nitty griity details to learn. Our approach has always been to help you learn the fundametals, so that you can learn continue self learning further. 

Design Principles

Firstly, without starting any design work, you need to develop an eye of designer. There needs to be a fundamental paradigm shift in how you perceive the world.


Although sketching is not absolutely required for graphic designing, it helps a lot – especially the concept of layering, texturing and so on. Sketching is a lot like planning before you work. 

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a software, mostly used for vector design works. Vector designs can scale the size without loosing quality which makes it perfect for logo and online designs

Color Theory

Color is just a perception of the eye. Our eyes perceive different colors and interpret it a different manner. For instance, red represents intensity hence you can use it where you want to drag the eyes in your design.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop, as we all know it is a picture manipulation software, it’s a raster graphics software. Because of it’s versatlity, it’s widely used for many applications. We’ll equip you with all the necessary tools and techniques.


Typography is yet another important aspect of graphic design. The types of typing brings a feel with it. Generally the more curve it is, the more cool it looks. However, the purpose may not always be the same. 

Content Across The Web


Everything About Graphic Design Can Be Learned Online


However, there’s something effective about having a structured resource, which you can apply immediately after you learn – we’ve done the necessary hard work for you. Well, graphic design is easily learnt through youtube and other online platforms. 

While youtube can show you how to do things, it cannot answer WHY which is the most imprtant question. Of course, you can get answers to how to get things done and we highly recommend that as well.

But the missing part of the equation is that graphic designers need to have an eye of the designer in terms of colors, typography, composition and all. And this only happens when you practice and practice and develop the craft.

Structured learning is an absolute must for DESIGNERS and artists. 

The only thing we promise at Swopna Digital is that we can equip you with the fundamentals that you need to learn about the graphic designs. Our approach has always been to continously go back to the fundamentals and iterate our learning process. As Leonardo Da Vinci puts it:


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I really loved the SEO Workshop. I had just started my blog six months ago and traffic to my site to say the least was nonexistent. Thank you Rajit dai and Swopna Digital for helping me understand that and teaching me many valuable things about SEO. It’s Knowledge, which I will apply for the rest of my life. P.S. If you are reading this and thinking about taking the workshop, you should (It’s really amazing).

I am someone who does not know much about computer or technical jargans, but wanted to know about the trending topics of technology i.e. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). And to my suprise the workshop was very simple to it’s core yet far effective than any online description or programmes. It got me instantly hooked to SEO; it’s use and prospect. I am glad I attended it.

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