The Present Scenario of Inbound Marketing in Nepal

What’s the scene of inbound marketing in Nepal? Well. First of all, let’s learn about inbound marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is customer-centric marketing. Unlike traditional forms (which are more outbound), inbound is focused on attracting your customers through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media.

You are not fighting for the consumer’s attention.

This time, your audience is searching for you or providing you the attention.

Before discussing the inbound scenario in Nepal, let’s know in brief about what goes into a well-planned inbound system:

Inbound Methodology

Here are few steps that take place in a successful inbound campaign according to HubSpot:


First of all, your customers are strangers to you meaning that they don’t know anything about you. This is the step when you attract people that are unknown to you. And, this is where inbound really separates from outbound.

Outbound is more business-centric while inbound is more customer-centric. That’s the reason professionals start any marketing campaigns with the buyer persona in hand.

Channels that we use to attract people in inbound marketing are blogs, search engines, social media organic reach and so on.


Once you receive visitors in your channel, let’s say a website, you have to convert them into a consumer. If they bounce back from your website, they might be gone forever.

This is the reason websites try to capture your emails in exchange for an offer. Email forms, Call to Action (CTAs) or landing pages fall under this step.


What’s the point capturing emails or any other data if you can’t monetize it? You have to make people buy your products sooner or later. That’s the point of doing business, right?

This is the step when you close the leads that you converted to make them your customer. How do you do this?

Well. There are many ways, some of them being promotional emails. CRM (Customer Relationship Management),


After you make someone your customer, it’s time to forget about them and focus on other leads, right? Not really. That’s not inbound.

If you delight your customers, then they will happily market your product which is 100 times more powerful.

How do you delight your customers? This is something very specific to your brand. With buyer personas in hand, it’s not that difficult.

You might provide them free offers. Or, make them participate in surveys and promote them. Or, mention them on social media. This can be anything.

The only precaution – “Don’t overdo it” or you may ruin your brand.


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Scenario of Inbound Marketing in Nepal

ROI of inbound marketing is not visible immediately after you run the campaign. That’s the reason most of the businesses here in Nepal are really skeptical about it. They want results within a few days after they run any sorts of efforts.

That’s considerable to some extent. Because it’s their money, right?

However, that’s the traditional mentality.

Any sorts of inbound marketing like SEO, blogging or social media does not work overnight. It takes time and it brings you a lot of benefits as well.

YES. you may be viral on social media sometimes. But the world is too greedy to make you viral every time you publish an article on your blog.

That being said, people have started realizing the benefits that inbound brings. That’s the reason companies have been investing heavily in SEO and don’t hesitate to pay for the content writers.

Because they see the ROI that it provides in the long run.

Internet is more than just the Facebook

No doubt, people follow the trends. That’s the human nature.

However, if you want to get most out of your online marketing efforts, you have to be one step ahead than anyone else.

While most of the businesses just investing in Facebook advertising (boosting the posts), it’s the time you can invest in Search Engine Optimization and leverage content strategy to it’s best.

Youtube videos, on the other hand, require some investment, but it builds trust for the brand when videos are professional and helps the audience at the same time.