Learn 3D Modeling in Blender 2.8 (Episode 0 – Why Blender?)

When it comes to 3D software, there is a myriad of options to choose from. Some of the most popular software are Autodesk Maya, 3Ds Max, Blender, Houdini, Cinema 4D, and so on. The primary reason I choose Blender (to be honest) is because it’s free. It’s also relatively lightweight compared to other 3D applications, which in no way makes Blender less powerful. In fact, Blender can do any 3D tasks imaginable. Of course, it may not be the best and the most efficient to do every 3D task (considering 3D itself is vast), but once you get the hang of Blender, all you can do is love it more because it’s FREE.

Now after the release of Blender 2.8, it’s almost like using a new advanced software than 2.7x series.

The most highlighted one is the Eevee renderer. However, there’re so many minor improvements that makes a 3D artist to use Blender at least once to see if they like it. Software is only part of the equation, though. 3D itself takes time to learn, hence we created this mini-series to help you learn to model while learning blender as well, which drastically decreases the time it takes to learn.

Does Software Matter?

My personal belief is that software matters a lot when you’re doing a complex task like 3D. But when there’re identical pieces of software that both do the same jobs in their own way, then it’s upon user’s preference to choose the software that they like.

As of today, there’s no reason not to try Blender. All I can say is try for once.

3D is a vast field. It covers areas like modeling, texturing, rigging, rendering, animation, compositing, and so on. In big studios like Pixar, there are people who do specialized tasks like modeling. One person may model a part of something. That’s how big the 3D industry is. Although I can empathize as a person working on a small studio or some planning to set up a small studio (just remember every studio starts out as a small studio), then it’s better to be a generalist than to specialize in one core area and that’s where Blender comes in the most.

Firstly, it’s FREE.

That alone should make Blender a natural choice for most people.