Looking for Photography Training in Nepal? You’re in the right place. Photography is more than just using the camera in a manual mode. There’re so many aspects of making a super attractive photo which is more than just the camera itself. 

Videography training in Nepal

What You’ll learn?


Image Fundamentals

What makes an image? How does the image form when light strikes the sensor? A little bit of history of camera and still photography.

Camera Foundations

Camera is just a tool – how you use that tool matters a lot when trying to keep in mind a lot of factors and combine that to form a beautiful image. 


Composition is about framing the image right so that the subjects and the backgrounds / foregrounds are placed where it needs to be to to beautify the image.

Color Theory

Color is everywhere – in an image, how you use colors matters more than you think. Overuse it and your photos will look cheesy, while using it in a proper manner ignites certain emotions in viewer’s heart. 


Lighting is a subtle art which embellishes the image, subject or the background. While lighting can itself be a huge subject to study, learning few things like quality, direction can takes you miles ahead.

Photo Manipulation

Learn photo manipulation / editing in a popular software – Adobe Lightroom. Use highlights / midtones / shadows to create effects that looks unimaginable to the eyes, while giving it the realistic touch.

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Everything About Photography Can Be Learned Online


Photography, as an art is more than what the camera can perform. While which camera you buy can be a crucial aspect, it does not help to just shoot without any prior knowledge of shooting photos.

Most of the times, when creativity is combined with the little knowledge that you have, it brings  the unimaginable results. Hence, at Swopna Digital, we have always tried to balance the creative aspect of photography with the informational aspect of it.

Structured learning is an absolute must for Photography learners.

The truth about learning photography is you’ll spend most of your time on sets and real world location rather than learning theories in computers. However, just having a camera and roaming around does not help either. Hence, you need to balance what you need to consume first and go out on the shoot.

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I really loved the SEO Workshop. I had just started my blog six months ago and traffic to my site to say the least was nonexistent. Thank you Rajit dai and Swopna Digital for helping me understand that and teaching me many valuable things about SEO. It’s Knowledge, which I will apply for the rest of my life. P.S. If you are reading this and thinking about taking the workshop, you should (It’s really amazing).

I am someone who does not know much about computer or technical jargans, but wanted to know about the trending topics of technology i.e. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). And to my suprise the workshop was very simple to it’s core yet far effective than any online description or programmes. It got me instantly hooked to SEO; it’s use and prospect. I am glad I attended it.

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