Looking for Videography Training in Nepal? You’re in the right place. Handling the camera on manual mode is not a big deal, however, the minor aspect that often goes unnoticed (the beautifying aspect) only comes after practice and practice. 

Videography training in Nepal

What You’ll learn?


While you may opt to buy a camera and go out on shooting (and there’s nothing wrong on that), practicing to capture the shots in a proven manner dramatically decreases the time it takes to learn. 

Video Fundamentals

Before starting to shoot, you need to understand the basics of video. Even better you need to understand the basics of photo (or frames which make up the video) – video is simply 24 frames playing within a second. 

Camera Essentials

Of course, camera is an integral part of shoot. It’s your tool, hence you need to understand, in depth how the camera works – how does the camera takes the light and digitize it in the form of video. 

Shoot For Editing

Shooting does not work in isolation – you need to shoot for the edit. After all, it’s through the editing process that video comes out as an end result – shooting for editing also helps editors a lot so that the results come out as expected.

Camera Movements

Movement is an essential tool, use it in a proper manner and it enhances the video or else, movements distract the audience from the core content. Only move the camera when something motivates the camera movement.


Composition is the arrangement of the elements within a frame. How you arrange things matter more than you think – composition even allows you to play with subtexts within the video.


Lighting is what illuminates the scene. It plays a major role in visual storytelling. The color of the light, direction, quality, intensity all sets the right mood and tone for the frame. 

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Everything About Videography Can Be Learned Online


Learning videography is not just about knowing how to handle the camera on manual mode, nor it’s about knowing how to manipulate exposures according to the surrounding. Videography is more about visual storytelling.

Every effort you make or the decision you take either adds or takes something away from the video. While exposures and manual modes are important as well, you need to be sure on why you make that decision in order to make your video appealing.

The perfect way to learn to shoot is to shoot it. The next best action is to learn from how others shoot. Getting into the mind of the cinematographer is the way towards the mastery of the visual storytelling.

Structured learning is an absolute must for VIDEOGRAPHERS and artists. 

The only thing we promise at Swopna Digital is that we can equip you with the fundamentals that you need to learn about the videography. Our approach has always been to continously go back to the fundamentals and iterate our learning process. As Leonardo Da Vinci puts it:


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I really loved the SEO Workshop. I had just started my blog six months ago and traffic to my site to say the least was nonexistent. Thank you Rajit dai and Swopna Digital for helping me understand that and teaching me many valuable things about SEO. It’s Knowledge, which I will apply for the rest of my life. P.S. If you are reading this and thinking about taking the workshop, you should (It’s really amazing).

I am someone who does not know much about computer or technical jargans, but wanted to know about the trending topics of technology i.e. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). And to my suprise the workshop was very simple to it’s core yet far effective than any online description or programmes. It got me instantly hooked to SEO; it’s use and prospect. I am glad I attended it.

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