Why Do We Celebrate ‘Holi’ day?

As we all may know, the ‘Holi’ day marks the death of evil.

Once upon a time, there lived a demon king whose name was Hiranayakaship, who had a son named Prahalad. Prahalad was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Well, Hiranayakaship being a demon did not like the fact that his son worshipped Lord Vishnu.

Angry at his son, the cruel king hired her sister ‘Holika’ to kill his son and burn him into ashes.

Although Holika was immune to the fire, their plan did not go as planned – instead, ‘Holika’ was burnt into ashes since Prahalad kept on reciting the name of ‘Lord Vishnu.’

… that’s the reason it is believed that we celebrate ‘Holi.’

Hence, Holi is a mark of the death of evil and the birth of blessings.

Holi, also known as Falgun Purnima, marks the day to say goodbye to the winter and welcome the spring.

In every way, Holi marks a day full of joy and happiness. Holi not only relates to the story of the Prahalad and Holika, but also relates to the story of Lord Krishna and the pranks he used to play with Gopinis.

Lord Krishna and ‘Holi’

Myth goes like this – Lord Krishna is the reason we celebrate the ‘Holi’ as a festival of colors.

Lord Krishna had a darker skin tone – the reason for this was because he was poisioned in his childhood by a devil-spirit named ‘Putana’. As he grew up, he developed this fear that the fair skinned girls in the town (like Radha) would ever like him.

Following the situation, Krishna’s mother – Yashodha asked Radha to color Krishna’s face with whichever color she wants – and since then, they became a couple.

… which is another story that signifies the importance of celebrating ‘Holi’.

In every way, Holi marks the date of great joy, enthusiasm and love. In this auspicious day, people spread the colors in their surrounding, paint their walls and such and also celebrate using water balloons.

Happy Holi to you all !!