How to Write a Successful Character Biography?

Character Biography are a essential part of writing a movie script.

Unless you know your character well enough (especially protagonist), you will not know your story better – since the story in the movie is all about the character. Before we even write a piece of dialogue or fade in the first scene, we have to know the character well enough to make a story about him/her.

As it’s mentioned in the book ‘Screenplay’:

A Character is an illumination of the incident and an incident is a determination of the character.

A character is the most important part of the screenplay – because the story you’re telling – it’s all about the character. Hence, you have to craft really well when writing a screenplay.

What is a Character Biography?

Character Biography is a method to write about the character that you’re creating and building. There are 2 areas to consider while making a biography for the character:

  • Interior Life
  • Exterior Life

Exterior Life

In order to note down the exterior life of the character, there are so many templates and there are some questions that need to be answered and then you have a character’ exterior life.

Here’s one of those templates:

Full name





City of birth

The current place for living

Job title:

Employing company:


Is he or she married?

Mother tongue


Interior Life

When it comes to the interior life, there can be no templates or structures – it’s just about how much deep we know the character. The only way I think is to write a paragraph about the character – their back story – what shaped her to become the person she is today.

However, there are few questions that will help you along the way. Here are a few of those:

  • What are your character’s deepest fear?
  • What was the moment (or event) in the story that turned his life into another direction?
  • What is your character’s dramatic need?
  • What does your character think about life in general?

Well. That’s it for now !!

That was a short post – I hope you consider making a character biography before you write your next screenplay.